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Three reasons why you should use our homepage:
1.Buying and selling of second-hand/used sawmill will take place between the owner and the buyer     without mediators.
2.All the services of our web page are free of charge for the buyers of second hand saw-mill.
3.We speak in Russian, English and Finnish languages.

Our website offers the possibility to introduce the sets of second_hand sawlines, -lumber manufacturing machinery, -mills and single units that are on sale.
We prefer equipment from sawmill industry. We also mediate sales offers of also other forestry and timber industry such as used harvesters, forwarders, forestry trucks etc.
Make Your offer here!

Placing the purchase inquiries of equipment on the page is free of charge.

After receiving the purchase inquiries we will forward the message to the owner of the equipment who will contact the potential buyer directly or through us. Possible transactions will take place directly between the buyer and owner of the equipment.

We offer non standart solutions for sawmilling industry, planing mills, bandsawlines and cross-cut lines.


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